Large industrial online UPS uninterruptible power supply

Large industrial online UPS uninterruptible power supply

short description:

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China

Brand Name: WHEG OR OEM

Model Number: IPS9310 6-80KVA

Phase: Three Phase

Protection: Overvoltage, Unbalanced Loads

Weight: different models with different weight

Output Voltage: Three phase

Type: On-line

Application: Security / Monitoring / Alarm

Input Frequency Range: 50/60Hz± 5%

Frequency Precision:: 50/60Hz±  0.2%

Wiring: Twin- Channel Line Input

Product Detail

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Large Industrial Online UPS IPS9310 Series 6-80kVA

Key Features:

1.Full digital control technique
2.Intelligent detecting and monitoring function
3.Digital control static switch and zero changeover time
4.Full isolation between input and output
5.DC panel and utility power are full isolated.
6.Uses electric power standard cabinet.

It’s provided with over voltage protection, under voltage protection, over current protection, short circuit protection and some other protection functions.

Large LCD can display the input voltage, output voltage, current, frequency, battery voltage, charge-discharge current value, fault and other running conditions in Chinese and English.

At most 256 pieces of historic records can be showed. This makes it easier for users to analyze the power supply condition.

The static state bypass has strong anti-overload capacity.

Chemical factories, Power generating plants, Power distribution stations, electrical substations, electric power communication systems, and many other fields.

Technical Specifications of Industrial Online UPS DTS9310 Series

Model IPS9310  6-80KVA
Rated Capacity 6KVA/4.8KW 10KVA/8KW 15KVA/12KW 20KVA/16KW 30KVA/24KW 40KVA/32KW 50KVA/40KW 60KVA/48KW 80KVA/64KW
Rated Voltage 220V Single Phase (6-20KVA)/380VA
Rated Frequency 50/60HZ
AC Input
Voltage range ± 20%
Frequency range 50/60HZ± 10%
Soft start 0-100%    5sec
Power factor 0.95(with input filter)
Bypass input
Voltage range 15%
Frequency range 50/60HZ± 5%
Voltage accuracy 220V± 1%(Steady state load)  220V± 3%(load fluctuation)
Frequency accuracy 50/60Hz± 0.05Hz (Battery supply power)
Power factor 0.8
Harmonic distortion Linear load< 2%; non-linear< 4%
Dynamic state load voltage transient < 5%
Current crest ratio 3: 1
Overload Capacity 110%load work normally; 125% 10min; 150% 1min;
Efficiency Double conversion mode: 94%, ECOmode: 98%
Nominal Battery Voltage 220V
Cutoff voltage 185V
Maximum discharge current 21A 36A 55A 73A 109A 145A 181A 218A 291A
Panel display
LCD Chinese/English display UPS status, input voltage, output voltage, current, frequency, battery voltage, charge-discharge current value, fault and warning.
Working environment  
Temperature 0-40 º C
Humidity 0-90%, non-condensing
Storage temperature -25º C-55º C
Altitude < 1500mlower than sea level
Physical property
Weight (KG) N. W 230 258 350 400 480 580 650 900 950
G. W 250 285 280 425 500 600 675 925 988
Size W × D× H(mm) 800× 600× 2260
Option RS485/network adapter (SNMP)/harmonic compensation tank/input and output power distribution cabinet/input and output isolation cabinet/lightning protection device/bypass voltage regulation cabinet/ the cabinet size can be customized.


Q 1. What’s the payment term?
A. We accept TT,Western Union,Paypal,MoneyGram.

Q 2.How’s the delivery time ?
A. Is due to order quantity, usually it will take about 3-7days for sample production,

Q 3.Tell me the standard of package?
A. For the small capacity, it use carton, but for big capacity, we should use honeycomb carton and pallet or wooden case for protection.

Q 4.Would you accept to use our logo ?
A.It’s no problem to do OEM.

Q 5.We want to know month capacity.
A. It depends on which model.For example for relay type small capacity , month capacity can reach near 2000pcs and big capacity near 500pcs.

Q 6.Where is your market?
A. Our products are popular in Australia,South America,Philippines,Italy, America, Pakistan and so on.Some of them are our regular customers and some of them are developing. We hope you can join us and make mutural benifit from our cooperation.

Q 7. What kind of certificate you have ?
A. Our company already achieve ISO9001, and for products, we have CE, SAA, G83 G59 etc .

Q 8. What is the warranty period ?
A. Normally 1 year ,if order quantity enough can be extended to 3 years.

Q 8.How about the lifetime?
A:The life time for inverterl is 15-20years.

OEM Services
Please offer us your own high resolution logo in JPG format,there should be two colors at most in the logo and there should be no gradient effect in the logo.
Please offer us your own model numbers.
3. Manual
Please offer us the finished manual file that can be printed directly.

Lead Time
1.Sample orders will be delivered from our factory within 3-7 working days.
2.General orders will be delivered from our factory within 15-30working days.
3.Big orders will be delivered from our factory within 45 working days at most

1.By EMS,DHL,FedEx,TNT,UPS or other express.
2.By our forwarding agent(by air or by sea).
3.By your own forwarding agent.
4.By domestic forwarding agents to any city in China.

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