How to choose the right DC panel power supply for substations

1. Whether the selected device is applicable
When many people choose high-frequency DC screen power supply devices, they often have the understanding that the higher the technical level, the better, and the more expensive the better, but this is not the case. Any product has a process from trial production to maturity, which requires users to feedback the problems in actual operation to the manufacturer for continuous improvement, and the principle of high-frequency switching power supply is very mature, and most manufacturers use classic circuits. Therefore, the device you choose should preferably be a product that the manufacturer has more than one year of stable operation experience. On the other hand, it is necessary to consider the adaptability of the technical requirements of one's own (substation) substation. For example, most rural power stations in my country do not have the conditions for unmanned duty, so there is no need to choose a device with four remote functions. Communication requirements, the communication interface can be required to be reserved when ordering, so as to facilitate future transformation. Secondly, battery selection is also very important. Batteries are divided into acid-proof, sealed, and fully sealed. Now, the fully sealed type is generally selected.

2. Anti-interference and reliability of equipment
With the rapid development of science and technology, in recent years, the new achievements of microcomputer technology have been widely used in the comprehensive automation device of power station, which greatly improves the degree of automation. But the most important and fundamental requirement of the power system is the safety and reliability of the equipment. For this reason, when selecting a DC power supply device, special attention should be paid to the main measures of its anti-interference. Such as the anti-high-frequency interference performance of the charger and the central controller, the system's anti-lightning strike and the reliability of the system's grounding, etc. must be strictly assessed.

3. Is the operation and maintenance simple and convenient?
When users adopt high-frequency switching power supply to affirm its advanced performance, they should also focus on whether its operation is easy to learn and whether it is convenient to maintain. Therefore, no matter how advanced or complex the control software of the central controller is, its interface should be intuitive, easy to operate, and easy to operate. Convenience. When a fault occurs, its display screen can automatically display the main parameters such as fault nature, occurrence time, occurrence location, etc., and has a strong self-checking function to facilitate user maintenance. Therefore, when choosing the DC power supply screen, you should pay attention to observe the software display of the manufacturer, and consider whether the operation and display of the central controller are simple and intuitive in combination with the actual situation of your own future operation and maintenance.

4. Is the price reasonable?
A reasonable price is one of the factors that most users have to consider. When many users consider the DC power supply screen, they are often puzzled by the large price difference between different manufacturers of the same type of equipment. In fact, this is caused by several reasons: First, the cost of high-frequency switch modules is different, and some manufacturers have high prices. The high-frequency switch module uses imported components, and the cost of the module is relatively high, while the high-frequency switch module of some manufacturers uses domestic components, and its cost is low. Second, the cost of the central controller is different. The central controller of some manufacturers uses a programmable logic controller (PLC), which is currently used by most manufacturers, and the manufacturers of programmable controllers are also different. The price of the brand is lower, and the price of the original imported is lower. Third, the output current of the modules used by different factories is different. For example, the output current of the module is small, the number of modules is large, and the reliability is high, but the cost is increased. For the above factors, users should comprehensively consider when ordering equipment.

5. After-sales service
The quality of after-sales service directly affects the user's determination to choose high-tech products, and ultimately determines the manufacturer's sales market. In this regard, some manufacturers ignored after-sales service under the pre-market optimistic conditions, which eventually led to the decline of corporate image and the shrinking of the market, which has a profound lesson. Because the high-frequency DC screen is a high-tech product, users, especially those with a relatively backward technical level, have certain risks when they make this choice for the first time. It will inevitably affect its enthusiasm, and ultimately affect the promotion and application of the product. There is a lot of internal information exchange in the power system. When selecting models, users can first understand the usage and opinions of manufacturers and users, as a reference for selecting manufacturers.

Post time: Jun-03-2019