What is the regulated power supply and requirements of the DC screen

In today's fast-developing new network era, facing the continuous diversification and scale of business in various industries of communication, finance and e-commerce, and the sharp increase in the amount of information and data, the storage, integration and dissemination of data are gradually proposed. higher requirements. The information network is constantly developing, but the actual site is limited by the old power supply. One capacity is not enough to meet the current demand and needs to be upgraded. In addition, the system reliability cannot be guaranteed, and the maintenance cost is high.
The DC screen stabilized power supply is mainly composed of three parts: transformer, rectifier and voltage stabilizer. The transformer converts the AC voltage of the mains into the required low-voltage alternating current, and the rectifier converts the alternating current into direct current. After filtering, the voltage stabilizer turns the unstable DC voltage into a stable DC voltage output.

There are two requirements for a regulated power supply:
1. Small voltage temperature coefficient
When the ambient temperature changes, it will cause the output voltage to drift. A good regulated power supply should effectively suppress the drift of the output voltage and keep the output voltage stable when the ambient temperature changes.

2. Small output voltage ripple
The so-called ripple voltage refers to the AC component of 50Hz or 100Hz in the output voltage, which is usually expressed as an effective value or a peak value. After voltage regulation, the ripple voltage after rectification and filtering can be greatly reduced.
The technical indicators of regulated DC screen power supply can be divided into two categories: one is characteristic indicators, such as output voltage, output power supply and voltage adjustment range. The other type is the quality index, which reflects the pros and cons of a regulated power supply, including stability, equivalent internal resistance ripple voltage and temperature coefficient. In addition, in the voltage stabilizing circuit, short-circuit maintenance measures must be taken to ensure safe and reliable operation. The ordinary safety wire fuses slowly, and the method of adding a fuse cannot achieve the maintenance effect, and a maintenance circuit must be installed.

The function of the maintenance circuit is to maintain the regulating tube from being burned when the circuit is short-circuited and the current increases. The basic method is to make the regulating tube in a reverse bias state when the output current exceeds a certain consistent value, thereby cutting off and automatically cutting off the circuit current. . At the same time, it integrates monitoring functions such as module sleep, battery management, monitoring management, and alarm reporting. It is a powerful and complete modular power supply to ensure the stability and reliability of the data network.
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Post time: Mar-17-2022